GENERAL CONTRACTING for the upmarket interior design

Precise description:

STOREhaus is involved in real estate-related projects and has the required knowledge to assess the feasibility of an Interior design. STOREhaus advises customers in the realization of (rental) agreements as well as on issues related to (re) developments.

The company realizes interior decorations and extensions of existing structures or innovative pilot projects. Activities include both the concept, planning, project management, individual performance phases to the turnkey delivery to our customers.

Among other things, the shopping center, pedestrian zones and open-plan offices of this world belong to our playing fields. STOREhaus accepts the entire completion of the institution on request in cooperation with professional suppliers. Due to our in-depth expertise we can harmonise already raw and development processes at an early stage, so that the customer does not care about these operations.

Our Procedure

STOREhaus accompany and guide you through the entire development and implementation process of a new build or a rebuild. As prime contractor and project manager for the client, in cooperation with the customer or selected contracting parties or private partners and companies, we will guide and accompany you as a contractor all the way through up until the handover of the finished product (TURNKEY). STOREhaus has and represent the interests of the client over the course of the entire project, from beginning through to completion and after completion service.

Project management

  • Schematics and conceptual drawings.
  • Contact person and guide for client
  • Partner in Design and realization process and possibility.
  • (Rental) Agreement aquisition Advice and realisation.
  • Development and redevelopment advice.
  • Watching over the project in regards: Budget, Time, Quality, Information and Organisation.
  • Orginisation and monitoring of Budget and financing.
  • Advice and Decision making.


  • Provide a turnkey final product according to the wishes of the customer.
  • Is responsible for all phases from design to after completion service.

Our corporate culture

Construction management is our ability. As a operating national and international company, which helps to coordinate all activities professional. STOREhaus is familiar with these activities.

„For example retail”.

”In retail, it’s all about seduction. Everything close together. Nevertheless, one has to make the right decisions and communicate with both execution and the right kind of feeling. STOREhaus sets the ideas of customers to be as specific as possible and the final results often create and combine incredibly exciting and intense opposites. It ensures that the main ideas and concepts are maintained in the end product, even if unforeseen changes are needed in practice. The basic key figures, such as the width of the course, have to be considered allowing you to go further left or right.”

Owner and head of STOREhaus is Ludger Schnickers

The main priority for STOREhaus is the project management for the upmarket interior.
”This is the core activity and essence of STOREhaus”.